BIG Chopped, now what ??!


Big chopped now what ??

At this moment you took the first step on your natural hair journey and chopped all of your damaged hair off or all you hair off. I want you to be proud of yourself and love yourself in this moment right now. I’m proud of you and I will help you get though it and I did a big chop too.

Now after this excitement of cutting your hair off, and starting your new journey you’re going to look in the mirror and feel like why I do this! And many other whys. Remember to be nice to yourself and love yourself.


The Beginning

We all have different reasons as to why we want to big chop. Some may want healthier hair or just want to start over or begin a new hair journey. All of these are great reasons. I understand the want for better but just like any change or beginning something new requires work and time. After you chop remember why you are doing it and that you are in your journey. In order to become the great at anything there is the struggle and usually the beginning is the struggle process. Let your beginning be when you learnt to re-love yourself. Some people cut their hair off and love their new look and decide not to grow their hair back right away. Just embrace who you are and what you have to offer.




I big chopped Oct. 1st 2015. So I’m over 2years now, and surprisingly it went by very fast. The way I transition was with wigs and protective styles. I was really upset to have short hair. I felt unattractive and like everyone was staring at me, still to this day everyone stairs at me and my hair is mid neck/shoulder length. I do still wear wigs from time to time. I don’t think I will ever stop. Wigs are a great protective go to style for any hair type. So if you’re feeling insecure try a wig!


During the beginning of your journey after big chopping is that you can save a lot of money! Money from buying hair products and utilities to style your hair. All you could buy now really is gel and oils and a deep conditioner depending on if you how long you hair is. Also you wouldn’t have to buy that creamy crack (perms/relaxers) anymore!

Hair Health

Let me tell you, SHRINKAGE= Healthy. The more shrinkage you have the more curls you have and the healthier it is really. Try to keep the heat off the hair as well. If you want to see your length, was your hair and detangle then stretch your hair to see how far it goes. If you want to show off your length do braid outs and styles like this to stretch your hair.


This is a journey and you will not have the Erykah Badu Afro over night or in a year. Your hair just like everyone’s is unique to you. You also may beginning with one hair type then once your hair gets longer change to another hair type. Don’t get frustrated, just be understanding and accept the journey. There’s no special way to make your hair grow faster. Just take care of it and make sure it’s healthy, healthy hair grows. You can try a hair skin and nails vitamin, or something containing biotin this supports hair growth. Remember to get trims as needed. Your hair ends are the oldest part of your hair and it’s better to let them go then try to hold on to them.


Congratulations on your journey, I’m proud of you taking the first step and becoming a better version of yourself.  Leave a comment of a picture of your journey, I will like to see and hear what you’ve done and been through!

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