Budget Like A BOSS


A budget is your guide it’s your friend, it’s your road to financial success. Having a budget is very important for everyone, even millionaires. Very successful people keep great track of their money or they are lucky enough to hire someone to keep track for them. Although a budget is here to help you.

A lot of people don’t like budgeting because they don’t have a method that works for them. I’m here to tell you that there isn’t just one fixed budgeting method. There are multiple options to look into. So if you have struggled with budgeting or keeping your finances in order I’m here to help you with a mini guide. Remember, I know each one of you reading this is different so you can always tweak what you need to fix your life style, and goals.

Keep in mind you need to give yourself time to adjust to something new. It takes time to get used to the process, to make changes and adjustments, and to make mistakes. It’s all about sticking with it and improving each time. Some months you may save more, and spend less and some months you may spend more and not save as much and that’s ok!

Make sure you pay attention and review your previous months to see what happened and what went well and what didn’t work out so much.



The way you spend your coins should consist of this method:

  1. Paying yourself. This is very important for now and the future. You should have 2-3 savings. 1 for your retirement, it’s better to start young so you have more time to save over the years then later. 2nd your emergency fund, you should really have 6 months of bills saved up just in case of a  lost from a job or major crises. 3rd a regular savings for something fun, like a cruise, a trip, down payment to your new car or enough for a new shopping spree. This category can also go into investing in your side hustle or starting a business.  With savings you need to give them time to grow.  This should calculate about 25% of your income


  1. Required needs. This is your daily living essentials. This does not include luxury meals, shopping, getting your nails done, and stuff like that. Your housing, transportation cost and nutrition values are more of needs. You can also include paying off debt, like car loan, credit card, or student loans. This will help you rearrange your focus to other things like building credit and becoming wealthy. This category should be at a minimum of 60% of your income.


  1. Everything else. This where you go SHOPPINGG!! Or have your luxury dinners, those extra gifts for yourself or a loved one. This is the funds you use after a long work week to relax and enjoy yourself a little. Maybe even buy that item you have been eye balling or which has been on wish list for a very long time.


Now that you have your budget categories now it’s time for you make your budget. If you’re really serious put it somewhere you can look at it every day, like the fridge or the bathroom mirror. You can also set a reminder in your phone, every pay day to keep your goals in mind.

If you have focuses in other departments like saving more for a house or car to get it sooner, or paying off debt so you can be debt free, you can make all the adjustments you need, it’s your life.

P.S you can call your budget other things like, your plan to greatness, your road to slay, financial goals, coins guide. Think of it as your plan to financial success.

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  1. You are so amazingly inspirational, ya auntie is so proud of you! I wish you all the best and many prayers for success!

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