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Get to know me..

One of the main reasons I started to blog is to connect with other woman to help them become who they want to be in life. They can be fashionista, naturalists, entrepreneur, go getters or momtrepreneur. I wanted to create a platform to where I can share my thought, advice and opinions on life. I’m a woman, a mom, a goal getter, and I love being all around natural. Keep readying to learn more about me…

1. My name is Kiamber (Jovita Michelle)
2. My favorite color is Gold
3. I am 22 years old
4. I live in Texas, USA
5. I have 1 beautiful daughter


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would absolutely love to live in Africa! I haven’t done any research for exactly where in Africa, but just to live in the home land and with the wild life. It’s so exciting and thrilling for me to go.

What’s my favorite thing about being a mom?

The way my baby smiles when she sees me after being away for 5 minutes. A child’s smile is so precious and warming. When she smiles at me, my whole body warms up and I can’t help but to smile back. I love everything about her.

What is at the top of your bucket list?

My true number one thing to do is to be the best mommy ever. Now for my number two is to TRAVEL. I want to visit a lot of places around the world. I want to have some many experiences and memories. I am thinking about taking a vacation every year for the rest of my life. Either starting this year or next year.

My favorite TV shows?

To be honest, I don’t really like watching TV. I rather be working on my blog, reading or working out. But there have been some shows that I’ve been a little curious about. The first one would be “Orange is the new Black”. I binge watched this show on Netflix one weekend and was stuck since then. The second show I started to watch was “Claws”, this show just began but it was exciting. Now the last show I also like is “Shameless”. All these shows I really liked they was just so interesting and so I’m just doing other things until these shows come back. I now Claws is supposed to come back this year.

My favorite things about myself?

I love my body and my hair. I’ve very independent and outgoing and willing to get things done. I like taking care of myself. I can cook, and I like to eat. I’m a fast learner. I’m a genuine and loyal person.


I hope you made it through all these question to get to know me better. If you enjoyed readying this please follow me on all social medias and subscribe to this blog. You can leave me a comment or send me an email if you have any other questions!

with love,

Ms. Jov

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