Got Milk

As a breast feeder you are even more necessary for your child’s needs. You have to make sure your getting all the nutrition and necessaties to keep yourself health and your milk supply up to be able to feed your child as they grow and get stronger. We all know through research and intuition that breast milk is the absolute best source of food for you child. I’m going to give you some advice on how to keep your milk supply up and what can cause it to go down.

Keeping it up

1.Hydration. Staying hydrated is important for you just as an individual human. Your body is made up of 70% water. So when you breast feed your child’s milk is 50% water. So when your not getting enough they wont be getting enough. Staying hydrated is good for other things to like your skin and to flush out toxins and to help hair grow and your body to glow.
2. Oatmeal. This is a great meal to stay full and to help with weight loss. Also this keeps your milk supply strong. Carbs are great for keeping milk supply up.
3. Gatorade. This one is a little different, but it goes back to staying hydrate. Get your about 8 ounces and this will increase some more milk when you get low.

4.Fenugreek. If you can find this in seeds or as the plant is just as great to eat. Also, you can find this in the vitamin section at a store like Wal-Mart, Kroger’s, HEB, or  Safeway. If you don’t live by one of these try your local grocery store. This is will definitely increase the your milk by the end of the day.

Whenever your running low try something from above and I’m sure your will be back to the norm.


What will lose it.

  1. Not feeding. This will definitely make your milk supply drop. Your body will think that your baby isn’t hungry or isn’t eating. So slow it can dry up and it can really decrease in a day.
  2. Hydration. If your not staying hydrated then your milk cant form itself and making it hard to produce the milk for your child.
  3. Drugs and Alcohol. Its okay to have 1 beer or glass of wine a day you should be fine. Excess drinking, smoking or drugs can interfere with your body’s hormones and hydration effecting your let down and slow the process.
  4. Birth Control/Hormones. When you start a birth control plan this effects your body and your body hormones. So when your first begin or around your first menstrual cycle you can see a decrease. This is kind of like PMSing for your milk. This also is a good indicator that your cycle is starting, so don’t freak out to much because your milk supply should be back up after theses few days.

Thank you for reading this post. I hoped it helped you in some way with keeping your milk supply up and showed you what can make you lose it. Leave your comments below!

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