Hair Growth Tips

Hey Ya’ll. We all have this desire to have length with our hair. I’ve been natural for almost 2 years. I big chopped October 1st 2015. This was a quick decision. If you ain’t ready, you ain’t ready, so don’t push yourself. Before this I was transitioning for about 3 years. That’s just an estimate I just stopped perming my hair and would just straighten it and wear weaves and braids. Big Chopping was something I wouldn’t recommend for anybody who doesn’t like short hair. I big chopped in High School my freshman year and I felt the most embarrassed and the most looked at. and I went straight into straighten it everyday and curling it. So when I did it again I was doing it for my hair to be natural, healthier and undamaged. In 2 years my hair grew out to shoulder length and I’m proud of that. So lets get into these tips that helped me.

  1. Deep Conditioning. 
  2. Biotin or Hair Skin Nails Vitamins. Be careful with vitamins because they can cause you to breakout if you don’t drink enough water or if your taking to much of a dose.
  3. Moisturize Hair. Moisturizer hair grows better than dry hair.
  4. Oils. Jamaican Black Caster Oil, Growth Oils. Oils are great. They can help keep moisture locked in. You can try some of the loc and lco methods or just wao (water and oil).
  5. Protective Styles. Protective styles are the best!!! They can save you time and definitely help with growth because your not messing with your hair a lot. Not manipulating your hair often is the best for your hair because it wont cause breakage. When you do a protective style like braids, or cornrows you can leave in how long you desire. Just make sure when you take the hair out you let your hair breathe for a week or 2 the least. This is important.
  6. Drinking Water and Health Diet.
  7. Trims. You can trim your hair. During my process I’ve only trimmed my hair 2x.. and I still got this fro. So just pay attention to your hair. The more you take care of it the less you will have to get a trim.

All these are great ways to help with your process. Even if maybe you cant do all of these just try something and I bet you will notice a difference.

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