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Let’s talk about that thing on your head, that’s so important in your daily routine. HAIRR ! I know sometimes hair can be all over the place or then when you want it all over it just wants to lay down. Like UGHH! why wont you obey. Well, to help you achieve your desire looks and goals of your hair you must know what your hair likes and what type it is (like your hair is its own person, haha). Your buying all these products that you don’t even really know if your hair likes or needs. Let me introduce you to the hair types.

This chart is the hair types examples.  Your hair type can be anywhere from 1A-1C(straight), 2A-2C(wavy), 3A-3C(curly), or 4A-4B(Kinky-Curly). My hair is a combination of 3C and 4A curls. At first I thought my hair type was a 4C, (super kinky-curly), but now that its growing and I’m adding more moisture and nutrients to my hair I think it become a 4A and 4B, so for me I think its safe to say my hair is all over a 4 !


Another Thing to consider is hair density. Like how thick/coarse or thin/fine is your hair ? My hair texture is very thick and has a lot of shrinkage. Density relates to the diameter of the hair strand. Fine hair can be easily molded and can absorb hair changes faster and heat quicker. Medium hair has good body and has an average response to hair dye and changes. Thick/coarse hair is full in body and it takes longer for the hair to lighten from hair dye and it feels like it takes forever to straighten this type of hair.

One more thing to consider is your hair porosity. This is very important because this tells how much your hair can observe, water and moisture. Low Porosity hair is when water or moisture can just absorbed through you hair and leave quickly. High porosity hair is when it take for every for you hair to get moisture and then its like it stays moist forever. For example, like it take forever for you hair to dry and you can see the water drop sitting on your hair. Now, if you don’t feel either than you have normal hair, lucky you. ( :




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