How to get Motivated and stay motivated

How to get motivated and stay motivated


First thing first, accomplish things that you need to do but do not like to do, like working out, meditating, cleaning the house or grocery shop. When you do hard stuff the first thing in the morning, it makes the rest of day better, because you can do what ever you like for the rest of the day and not worry that you must accomplish a task that you already did. Now if you don’t have enough time in the a.m., wake up earlier.

Get focused on your goals. Make them your priority. If you have a mirror, with a sharpie write what you want in your life on your mirror and read it every day and every time you look in the mirror. (no worries the marker will erase with Windex and a paper towel) If you don’t have a mirror get sick pads or a white board and post your goals and put it in a place that you will look at daily, multiple times a day. This will help you keep your goal in mind and remember what and why your working for this.

Once you know your goal, have a plan! You can’t accomplish anything without the plan, or the blue book. Write what you goal is, then break it down when do you want to accomplish your goal. Then you need to break down the time frame from now and to your goal, and what you will do and need to do to accomplish this. Then once you make it to your first week, or month, review and reflect on how you did and what you need to change or congratulate yourself.

Now to stay focus and motivated is all personal and up to you. How bad do you want it? Are you doing everything you need to do to get what you want? I cant give you motivation, this what you develop in yourself, like a little light that turns into a flame then a big fire to push you to accomplish your goal.


I hope this helped! If you liked this post, like and comment. I would love to hear your goals and reviews of what works for you and helps you stay motivated!

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