How to Make a Routine

How to come up with a routine


  In order to make a routine and stick to the routine is to believe in yourself, and when you fall off just dust your self off and get back on track. Routines are good for people who do the same things every day and like to stay on schedule and in order. Routines are also good for little ones, if you have any. It helps them prepare for what is to come next. So to begin your routine you must first decide what you want to get done and if this will be your morning routine, before or after work, before bed, or even a weekend routine.

So I have a pretty consistent schedule. Monday through Friday I work 7 AM-4 PM, I take my baby to daycare and pick her up and the weekends I’m a little free. During the week, in the mornings I know I have to make our lunch and breakfast for the day. Usually they are already cooked I just have to put it in the bag.  Then I also want to work out in the mornings, because I don’t seem to have time to do it through out the rest of the day and baby can be sleep while I work out. Then the rest is getting us ready for the day and getting out the door before 6:15 AM. Ha!

The Schedule I decided for my self is 4 AM- *DING*DING*DING* alarm goes off 4:10 – Finally get out of bed 4:15 pick a work out video from YouTube and make my apple cider vinegar lemon water drink 4:20/4:30 begin work out 5:00 AM- finish work out, Finish morning drink 5:10, then I get ready, 5:45 ish Wake baby up and get her ready 6:05 AM- pack lunches/breakfast, baby is playing/ running around the house 6:15 ish leave the house I know I gave myself a lot of time to accomplish these small tasks but I don’t think I’m a morning person and sometimes i still be running late.  I really be lazy and tired, but by the time I get to work and have my coffee I’m ready for another day! A routine doesn’t have to be time specific, for my morning routine as long as I work out first and get out the door on time it doesn’t matter what I do first or last, sometimes I get baby dressed before me and I’ll have lunch packed then all I have to do is shower and get ready then leave. If your thinking of doing a night time routine, just write down what you want to get done and when would you like to relax or go to bed or whatever. Then develop the routine backwards.

EXAMPLE: You want to be in the bed by 9 PM, so 9 PM- be in bed! 8:30- shower/wash face 8:00 PM- get ready for tomorrow, 7 put away dinner, pack lunch, spend time on social media/ or with family. 6:30 eat dinner 5:30 start cooking dinner 5 get home from work. 

Well I hope you got the idea. I hope this helped you create a routine for your life. Routines are very convenient and help you get back on track in life. Write out your routine and post it on your wall, somewhere were you will look at it every day and become consistent and good luck to you!

Leave me a comment on whats apart of your routine and how do you stay consistent!

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