How to save $1000 !

We all would like to have a little extra money to spend on anything, like a shopping spree, food, maybe  a down payment for a car. I bet your can think of something you would buy if you had $1000. I can show you two easy ways to save 1000 dollars in a year.

This one is very simple. There is 52 weeks in a year. So if you lay out every week in a year, for example every Friday, and mark on the calendar your first Friday as number 1 then continue every Friday up to number 52. So each week you will save that weeks amount, each week the amount is going to be more. So week 1, you save $1, week 2, you save $2, week 3, you save $3,week 52, you save $52. Now after all your weeks you should have $1378 saved up. Now really what can you do with that much funds !


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