Moving to A New City in Your Twenties


Moving to a new city in your twenties


All my life, from since the time I was born, I lived in Tucson, AZ. When I finished high school and Graduated I moved to San Antonio, Texas. At the time I wasn’t so open to moving and new things so I moved back to Tucson, and I stayed until I turned 21. Shortly after turning 21, I moved back to San Antonio. Now I’m still here and I opening to the opportunities and blessings that I will obtain here.

When you go somewhere you never been you learn something you never knew. Whenever you try something new you experience some personal growth, you learn what you do like and what you don’t like.  I can say I am completely different than the person I was at 17 and a part of that growth has to do with moving and transitioning with new locations and meeting new people. I used to be afraid of change and moving, and now I’m more open to change because with change comes new experiences which more often than is something greater and better than before.

So how did moving to a new city help me become the better person I am today? What is so great about moving to a new city? Continue readying below and I will tell you!

One: Say Good Bye to Your More Comfort Zone

When you move it shows you a new feeling of uncomfortableness, and to grow you have to leave your comfort zone. It’s not so bad on the other side. To have new adventures you must try new foods, go new places and try stuff, to grow and say you experienced this is your life. Make sure to take pictures!

I’m from a small town, so when I first moved here I learned that people had to take the free way to get everywhere! Even to the mall. I’m used to driving down the street a couple left and right turns and 20mins later I’m in the Macy’s parking lot. In my new city, I have to drive 5mins to the highway, be on the highway for 15mins, then 10mins to get off and find a parking spot. Also in a new city, there can be a lot more people on the road and in the stores.

After a year now I can say I adjusted quickly to my new city.

Two: New City New You

I love when I see something and I quickly take on that new life style. I love that I can wake up and change my life in the very next second, I can become whoever I want to be with a little hard work and determination. When you move to a new city they will have different clothes and food options for you to try and adapt to. The most exciting part of moving somewhere new is going shopping and eating their foods. I’ve been to stores I never been before and I tried new foods like Thai food that I thought I would never experience and I can say it was Awesome! By being in a new city and trying new stuff you learn stuff about yourself and begin to determine what you like and don’t. While trying new stuff can be stressful when it always turns into something you don’t like, just be patient with yourself and with life and don’t worry about trying to be like everyone else. You are you for a reason so do what you like.

Three: New Relationships & New Opportunities

With new cities comes new experiences, opportunities and new people. Within my first year of being here I been to some many places that served you alcohol during your stay, like the movie theater and nail salon. I also been to many events, festivals and restaurants. I experienced a lot in a year and I’m ready to experience so much more.

Coming to a new city gives you more opportunities and meet new people. Imagine if you never moved somewhere you would have never met so-so. I like meeting new people because everybody has something that they can teach someone else, even if you don’t know what you can teach them, the other person still learns something.

By coming to a new city I learned what I should be doing in life and I don’t think I would have started this blog and grew this platform without coming to this new city. I have met new people, that are more like people, I met people who have experienced the same things I’ve been through, I met people who inspired me and I’ve meet people who helped me get out of my comfort zone. I wouldn’t have been through this without coming to a new city. These people helped me learn who I am and become the person I am today even if they don’t know it, I do.


In conclusion being in a new city has brought me so many positive attributes, and I know I wouldn’t be where I am without moving and this experience. Living in a new place can provide you with so many positive attributes and experiences for self-exploration and growth. With any experience comes up’s and down’s, I assure you that with a positive attitude that the experience of a new city has an awesome reward waiting for you.

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