The Perfect Blogger Schedule

The Perfect Blogger Schedule 

Lovelies are you struggling with managing your time with your website, YouTube channel, Instagram and everything in the world? Well, I got you covered again! A lot of us are super busy with work, school, life issues, parenting and more.

Well if you are serious about goals and dreams here is a schedules you can mirror to help you win.

Full Time Millennial Boss

Sunday – Full Work Day, while the sun is out film videos, clean the house, meal prep for the next day, work out or walk, read and work on other goals, if time edit videos/post at night.

Monday – Work, upload a post

Tuesday – Work, 30 mins of exercise

Wednesday – Work, 30 mins of exercise, Check on views of the blog

Thursday – Work, 30 mins of exercise, upload a post, advertise yourself

Friday – Work, 30 mins of exercise, Come up with new ideas, writes post, edit videos,

Saturday – while the sun is out film videos, upload a post


Part Time Millennial Boss

Saturday – While the sun is out film videos and come up with new ideas

Sunday – Edit blogs and videos to make sure everything is correct


Pick Three consistent days to post your work

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