Why deep conditioning is LIFE

Why deep conditioning is LIFE

I lovee to deep condition! Theirs is so many benefits of deep condition and your hair loves it just as much. Our natural hair is always changing with the weather and manipulations and products we use day in and day out.


Why is deep conditioning your hair important?

Deep conditioning your hair is very important for the goals you have for your hair. When you deep condition your hair you are restoring moisture. Deep conditioning should be a part of you wash day routine. It helps colored- dry and brittle hair become remoistened. Also makes your hair hydrated which is important for every season.

How to deep condition

After you wash your hair and before styling is usually when most and I like to deep condition. You can part your hair in section to retain length and if you like to detangle in sections also, you can deep condition in seconds.

With your conditioner mix you moisture your hair from root to ends and detangle while you go. You can add an oil also to help manipulate the hair cuticle.

Also I recommend you to deep condition once a week a minimum or twice if you feel like your hair needs it.

There’s two different types of condition you can do, a moisturizing or a protein condition. Both are good and it’s good to alternate between these types so your hair obtains the most benefits.

Protein Conditioners

Protein treatments are very good for strengthening the hair strand. If you have colored treated hair or very brittle hair you may need a protein treatment to give your hair life again. You can do a protein treatment then a moisturizing treatment right after so your hair can have the most benefits. Too much protein can cause more damage and breakage to your hair. So try to do it just once a month or every couple month.


Moisturizing Conditioners

They would say a moisturizing or restoring hair conditioner or mask. This is definitely the one I use every week during my hair routine regimen.  If you like to look at ingredients, then on the back it should have something containing “glycol.” While your condition try to use a blow dryer or steamer, the heat will open the cuticle of your hair and the moistures can manipulate the hair strand. Try this for 5-15mins. Then give your hair another 5mins to cool or longer to help the cuticle close. Also rinse with cold water to help close the cuticle. You can do this every time you deep condition or every once in a while.

Your hair is your everyday crown and a part of your appearance. You must keep it looking its very best. Try to develop a hair routine to every day or week for your hair. Also if you live in a climate where your weather changes every season, take that inconsideration of what you do to your hair. What you may do it the winter may not be enough for your hair in the summer.

To figures out what you may need to do to your hair, just look at it in the mirror and what do you see and what do you want to change. Run your fingers through your hair and pay attention to what you feel, when your hair is wet and dry.

Leave me a comment below of your hair journey and how do you deep condition.

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