Why I lovee Breastfeeding !

Today I want to share with you guys how I really feel about breastfeeding. If you didn’t know I am a new mother.  I’ve been  exclusively breastfeeding (having breast milk as the only source of nutrition) Tookie, since birth. As of today she is officially 4 months. I don’t give her any food at this moment but she be looking so interested in my real food, like ice cream, chicken, yams, chicken parmesan, just everything. I think this has something to do with the teething process right now, which has her always drooling and sucking on her fingers even more. Watching her is so cute. At this moment I don’t have an end date. I went to a breastfeeding event and one of the woman there said she continued to breastfed her child until 5years old. Now I don’t think that’s for me but at least I will try to continue 2-3 years until she doesn’t want it anymore.


What I Loveee :

  1. Connection. People really don’t understand the connection and bond you form with your child while your breastfeeding. When I’m feeding or when she gets hungry, it’s like I’m the only one to relieve her hungry and it builds a more bonding moment. And its so cute when they start to grow and see more, when they see your boob they get so happy like, OOUU, that’s where the juice is.
  2. The Best nutrition. Just knowing how much benefits my child gets from breast milk that she could never get from formula. Like less colic-ness, I can control how much gas she will have, just because she’s getting my milk its helping build her immune system stronger and better.
  3. Money. Breast milk is always available and your body makes it naturally for free and its something that is so perfect for your baby that you don’t have to go trying different formulas hoping this one will work for your child. By breastfeeding your save that $20 per can of formula that I believe most people have to buy 2 a week. I’m going to give a rough estimate of the math , that you wouldn’t have to be spending. 2(cans of formula a week) X $20(per can) = $40, $40(a week for formula)X 52(weeks, in a year)=2,080. If I had an extra 2000 for my first year, I would do so much more shopping, just saying.
  4. Convinces. Breastfeeding is always available. Its a bottle you never have to pack and you always leave home with. I know in the beginning its intimating to breastfeed in public, but you need to remember what your doing it for. It doesn’t matter what people think of you. Your being the best mom you can be. I promise you after a few months you will be so comfortable feeding in public. Now I grocery shop and feed and even on the days the store is packed the most. People be looking at me like is her boob going to pop out, and I just be doing my thang.


What I Hate

  1. Sore Nipples. In the beginning when I first gave birth and when she would eat my nipples would get so sore and pink and sensitive. I would use the lanolin cream (which is perfectly safe for babies) to reduce the pain and it always worked. I would put some on right before I feed her and right when she got off and whenever my nipples started to feel dry. This cream did wonders, I would carry it with me every where. After a few months I don’t use it as often, actually maybe like never.
  2. Wanting Mommy. Now this is hard to say because, as a baby you want your mom because for 9months she was all you ever new. and now you know she has your food and drink. So when a baby gets up set, they want what comforts them, and that could be they just want to suck on something and that might be you until you find a pacifier your child likes. My daughter only likes 1 type of pacifier. I have like 3 of them around the house and 1  in my purse.
  3. The Symptoms. So they say when  you breastfeed you lose weight quickly. I haven’t lost a lbs. and some may say they gain more now that there breastfeeding. When this new journey begins it’s like your pregnant again, always super hungry and thirst and tired. When you feed your baby gets all the nutrients  from you and you need to replenish your self. Also your body releases a hormone that will make you sleep during the breast feeding times. It’s okay to take a nap with your newborn.
  4. Hormones. So after you have a baby, mother nature is allowed to come back into your life. Sometimes before she makes a visit your milk supply make stop or slow down or drop. This is very scary because you think your drying up but in actualitie your body is getting back on schedule. So don’t worry and if you feel like this is causing a problem for you at that time, there is something you can do to increase your milk supply. So always make sure you have some in stock if you plan to go to work or not be a stay at home mommy.

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